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Captain Ron has been an avid fisherman for as long as he can remember, fishing freshwater rivers, ponds, and lakes across the Midwest and Canada. When he moved to Florida, he continued his hobby, but quickly realized that saltwater fishing is a whole different world.

The first time he hooked a goliath grouper, he was in for the ride. The fish stubbornly retreated to its hole, ripping off line as if it were nothing. Captain Ron scrambled over and picked up the now U-shaped rod, but just a few minutes into the fight, the once stout rod couldn’t take the pressure any longer. It snapped in half and the reel quickly broke down alongside it, forcing him to grab the line to keep the fish from escaping the hook. Inch by inch, he pulled it up by hand, manually raising the fish from the depths of the gulf. When the gigantic fish finally tired and breached the surface, Captain Ron turned to his friend and exclaimed, “Man, this saltwater fishing will spoil you!” And thus Saltwater Spoiled was born.

Southwest Florida has some of the best fishing spots in the country, and with over 12 years of experience in fishing areas of Charlotte Harbor, Placida, Boca Grande, Englewood, and nearshore Gulf of Mexico, Captain Ron knows how to get to the best spots. Many factors affect fishing, including tidal currents, water temperature, wind speeds, and moon phases. Having a captain that is familiar with the area and these trends ensures a rewarding and comfortable trip.

Saltwater Spoiled isn’t just a business. Years ago, it started off as a YouTube channel to share his fishing adventures. To Captain Ron, Saltwater Spoiled has always been about the opportunity to educate and share the joy of fishing with others. Whether you want to catch the fish of a lifetime, take home a bunch of tasty fresh fish, or just relax on the waves, Captain Ron will meet you on your level and provide a fun day out on the water.

Years Ago

Captain Ron many years ago


Captain Ron enjoying fishing

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